Web Content Writing Service

Compelling web content that’s ‘oozing with gold’ for your target audience – so they’ll be convinced, confident, and keen to approach you

Metco Engineering website – copywriting example

Capitalizing on ‘market intelligence’ from client interviews, I’ll find out the big hot buttons to hook into, so we can make the right connection to your ideal prospects – quickly.

We have 3 to 7 seconds to catch their attention and engage them with a professional look and effective messaging with catchy headlines, compelling content, and the right calls to action.

Your website is the hub of your marketing – to bring people back to. So it needs to convey your full value and build trust with your target audience – giving you a flow of quality leads.

I use strategic techniques to make web content work for you, including:

  • Being easily found by search engines
  • Covering relevant features and benefits
  • Being clear and to the point to hold attention
  • Showing empathy for readers’ issues
  • Easy to read using rhythm and rhyme for a smooth ride
  • ‘Indirect persuasion’, without pressure, to draw readers naturally

I can create any web content you need, including:

A Home page
– to command attention and hook people into your website…

  • Quickly conveying what you’re about in a nutshell
  • Showing understanding of prospects’ needs and motivations
  • Captivating them with the benefits and unique value you offer
  • Drawing them to explore deeper into your website…

A Product page
– telling prospects everything they need to make a buying decision

  • Conveying relevant technical features in the right language to satisfy the ‘techos’
  • Clear business benefits spelled-out to company owners, management, and decision-makers
  • Almost as good as physically handling your product

An About page
– to show credentials and help build the know-like-trust factor

  • Expressing your unique company personality, motivation, and vision
  • Showing your credentials to establish respect
  • Telling your compelling story
  • Making it comfortable to start a business relationship with you, not just a transaction