Case Study Writing Service

Let your clients promote you… it carries a lot more weight than blowing your own trumpet

Metco website case studies - copywriting

Your client success stories in their own words are your ultimate social proof and ‘third party endorsement’

They form a pillar of your marketing, validating all your claims, and building trust for first-time enquirers. Without a prior relationship, they have nothing else to go on.

You don’t have to wait for complimentary comments from your clients to land on your plate… I can phone-interview some of them and dig deep for a captivating story:

  • In the client’s authentic and believable language – capturing their needs, motivations, and aspirations
  • Strategically highlighting your selling points and demonstrating your value
  • Brief and concise with just the ‘meat’ – to win trust and recognition, without unnecessary details of the project (of little interest to readers)
  • Catchy sub-titles to grab attention to the most potent points, with short readable paragraphs

There’s an extra benefit too… the ‘market intelligence’ gained from interviews can also be used to write web content that touches all the right issues – making a deep connection with your prospects to maximize sales.

Have a look at the formats below to find the one that’s right for you…